Patient Information

Patient Information


Forms for Deep Roots Family Medicine 



In order to expedite your first appointment, please print and fill out the following forms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.


At this office, Dr. Samantha Evans Rayack ND accepts most insurance. Please call the office and we will check your benefits. Some common insurance plans that she accepts are Providence, Regence Blue-Cross/Blueshield, Healthnet, United Healthplans, Pacific care, Aetna, ODS, and others. Please contact the office directly if you have questions.

Ph: (971) 207-3680


What are Dr. Samantha's current office hours?


Tuesday: 9-6pm

Wednesday: 9-6pm


What are the costs? (payment is required at time of service):

First office call (90 minutes): $275

Return office call (time varies): $100 - $200

Some discounts available, please call the office to inquire.


What is the Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations received less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will incur a $50.00 charge. Please understand that your scheduled appointment is time that can be used by another patient in need if we are given proper notice. 


New patient cancellation/no show policy:
If you are a new patient and either do not show up or cancel within 24 hours, our account policy must be signed before rescheduling. If for some reason you either don't show up or cancel within 24 hours twice, than prepayment is necessary to schedule a third new patient appointment.

Intravenous nutrient services:  If there is a cancellation after the nutrients have been prepared (i.e., cancellation the same day as services), then a $50.00 charge is incurred.  This is to help to defer some of the cost of the nutrients that have been prepared, which must be discarded.


Does Dr. Samantha recommend nutritional supplements:

Dr. Samantha sometimes recommends nutritional supplements. The supplements sold in our dispensary are of the highest quality. Supplement purchases are separate from fees for services. Payment for supplements is expected at time of purchase. While reimbursement for supplement costs by your insurer is rare, it does happen occasionally. The receipt you receive from our office provides a description of each item with its cost.  Discounts for seniors and bulk purchases are also available.


How do I know if naturopathic medicine is right for me?
Naturopathic medicine is right for almost all people: women, men, and children of all ages regardless if the illness is acute or chronic. Dr. Samantha offers free 10 minute consults, either in the office or on the phone to see if our clinic is a good fit for you.


What can I expect from the naturopathic doctor at the first visit?

You can expect to be listened to, as we work towards finding the root cause of your illness. A first office visit usually lasts 60 minutes and includes discussion regarding your primary concerns. The doctor will review all of your organ systems and will perform a physical exam. In some cases, lab tests may be ordered and blood can be drawn in our office. All clients leave with a detailed treatment plan, and are encouraged to return for a follow-up appointment.


Is naturopathic medicine cost effective?

It certainly is! Because naturopaths seek to find the root cause of the illness, we are not just treating symptoms. The goal is improvement in overall health, which helps prevent future illness, therefore decreasing health care costs in the long run.


Does insurance cover naturopathic services?

Dr. Samantha is currently credentialed with most insurance companies. Many insurance companies provide coverage for naturopathic medicine, but each plan is different. It is a good idea to speak with your insurance company to see which services are covered, as not all services are covered.  Call the office for specific questions. 


Does Dr. Samantha interact with other health care practitioners?

Definitely! Dr. Samantha encourages a team approach to support her clients, whether this means working with a specialist, an acupuncturist, massage therapist or other. Each health care profession has something helpful to offer in caring for your health. If you do have other health care practitioners, please bring their contact information and any recent lab work or imaging.


If I am on prescription medicines, can I take natural medicines?

This question depends on the medications, but a lot of the time the answer is YES. Part of the naturopathic training is to identify the interactions between herbs/nutrients and medicines, as well as interactions between herbs. Please bring an updated list of current medications/supplements/doses to each visit and let us know if that list changes.


Can the naturopathic doctor order lab work or imaging?

Absolutely! Dr. Samantha is trained to draw blood, order lab work and interpret results in order to create a treatment plan. She can also order most imaging studies, such as x-rays, CT scans or MRI if necessary.


What type of training does a naturopathic doctor undergo?

Naturopathic doctors are required to train at a four-year, graduate level, accredited naturopathic medicine school. This includes 3500 classroom hours divided between health sciences and clinical education, as well as 1200 hours spent in a teaching clinic where students work under the supervision of licensed naturopathic doctors. Students are also required to complete 132 preceptor hours, where they observe and shadow naturopaths in their private practices. At the end of training, naturopathic doctors must pass extensive postdoctoral board examinations (NPLEX) in order to receive a license.